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Isopropyl alcohol: has always been favored by foreign disinfectants, can become a rising star in domestic disinfection field?

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Isopropyl alcohol that suddenly went red

In the field of virus protection, the performance of isopropyl alcohol is more outstanding than that of ethanol, mainly because isopropyl alcohol is equivalent to adding a group of methyl groups on the basis of ethanol, which greatly enhances its lipophilic property, and the enhanced permeability brought by this lipophilic property also makes it more aggressive to the protein shell of the virus. Browsing amazon overseas, it is found that the proportion of isopropanol disinfectants in alcohol disinfectants is significantly higher than that in China (more than 30%). Overseas epidemic situation is severe, isopropyl alcohol supply shortage, overseas/domestic isopropyl alcohol prices have risen sharply, the price has been rising.

With the spread of COVID-19 to more than 100 countries, all kinds of medical protective materials have become scarce. Isopropyl alcohol, as a disinfectant, has also become popular in the market. Why is isopropyl alcohol disinfectant more widely used in developed countries than in China? Can isopropyl alcohol disinfectant be popularized and widely used in daily epidemic prevention work in China?

At present, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol are the most commonly used alcohol-based disinfectants. The components of handIsopropyl Alcohol for sale - YuanfarChemicals sanitizer recommended by the World Health Organization are ethanol and isopropyl alcohol. Both of these disinfectants can coagulate proteins and cause the death of microorganisms. Such as herpes simplex poison, toxic hepatitis b, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), such as the effect of the same, but still have gap, the disinfection effect of isopropyl alcohol formal composition is methanol, dimethyl methyl group contains two its ability to dissolve lipids, strong penetration than ethanol, which naturally increased the ability to tag, for some bacteria and viruses kill effect of isopropyl alcohol is better than ethanol.

Isopropyl alcohol is used to disinfect skin and medical devices, as well as artificial limbs. For example, South Korea and the United States, South Korea's cosmetic industry developed, 75% isopropyl alcohol sterilization is widely used; The United States sterilization wipe paper is also using isopropyl alcohol, its actual use concentration is usually 70%; In addition, isopropyl alcohol can be used as compound disinfectant instead of ethanol. In foreign countries, the application of isopropanol is more extensive than ethanol, because of the low price of ethanol in China, coupled with the application of isopropanol in China has not been all effective development, so the application of ethanol in the disinfectant industry is more extensive than isopropanol. Problems with disinfectant use

At present, the use of ethanol and isopropyl alcohol as disinfectants has the following problems:

(1) Improper operation of ethanol disinfection causes fire cases from time to time. Isopropyl alcohol has a lower saturated vapor pressure than alcohol at room temperature, making it safer and more reliable to use;

(2) the bacteria inactivated effect on 75% ethanol, a high concentration of ethanol will form a layer of protective film on the surface of bacteria, prevent it into the bacteria in the body, to kill the bacteria completely, if the concentration is too low, can enter the bacteria, but not to be clotting proteins in the body, also cannot be thoroughly to kill bacteria, and ethanol is not suitable for large area disinfection. Isopropyl alcohol in the concentration range of 30% ~ 90% has bactericidal effect, the use of flexible dosage, safe and convenient.

(3) Industrial ethanol may contain a small amount of methanol, which is highly toxic to the human body, so direct contact should be avoided. If it is mistakenly used for hand disinfection, it is very dangerous; Existing industrial grade isopropyl alcohol products are mostly, impurities may lead to unsuitable for human use.

Efficient, safe and inexpensive disinfectant has become the first choice of consumers. It is believed that with the continuous recognition and development of market application, isopropyl alcohol will usher in the spring of development in the field of disinfection at home and abroad, and become a rising star in the field of disinfection in China.

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